We know how important collaboration is in the CX process! That's why we make it easy to share and collaborate with your team.

By adding collaborators you allow another user to have access to the journeys, personas, and experiments for a selected collection. This means that the person you have added as a collaborator will be able to view and edit your collection. 

Note:  The access will only be applied to the collection you have selected and not to all collections you have in your account.

Below are the steps in adding collaborators:

  1. From your Dashboard, go to your collection.
  2. Click the "+share" button at the top right-hand corner of your screen

Enter the email of the person, you wish to add and click invite.

The "Collection Access" page will show and you will see the owner details, the current editors, and an option at the bottom to invite editors via email. Type the user's email address and click invite. The user will receive an email invite and if they don't have an account yet they will have to register for one.

To confirm, you can refresh the page and you should see the email address of the recipient under editors.

Happy Cubbing!