Introduction to Cubb

Welcome to Cubb!

We believe the best organisations are customer-centric. This is why we created a platform to help organisations embed customer-led practices as the way they do business every day. 

Cubb is a hub of tools designed to support you in visualising customer experiences. It allows you to create and share interactive journey maps, personas, experiments, customer feedback and so much more! All in one place, quickly and easily.  

No more hours in front of your screen, using sticky notes, spreadsheets, photoshop and slides to create a journey map. Do it all now, with Cubb. 

What can I do with Cubb?

  • Build beautiful personas: 
    • Bring your customers to life through personas that deliver impact and result in authentic empathy
  • Create interactive journey maps: 
    • Create and share a library of interactive customer journeys that reveal the true experience you are delivering.
  • Capture meaningful customer feedback: 
    • Collect and analyse customer feedback, including NPS, CSAT, and mixed quantitative and qualitative survey data
  • Run impactful CX experiments: 
    • Create and manage a library of hypothesis-driven CX improvement opportunities to turn your insights into action

Who Uses Cubb?

Cubb is trusted by Service Designers, CX leaders, and human-centered design teams across the globe, from Sydney to Sweden.  Our users include:

  • CX professionals
  • UX Designers
  • Digital Consultants
  • Marketing Managers
  • Project Managers
  • Startup teams
  • Innovation Facilitators
  • Business Analysts

Why Cubb?

  1. We know the pain of spending hours to create a journey map, that looks beautiful and is functional. With our intuitive Cubb platform, all you need is a computer to draw journey maps that look like this - with lightning speed
  2. One central CX hub. You've finished some research interviews and have an abundance of data. Now what? Cubb allows you to easily go from insight to impact, by organising your data in personas, journey maps, and rich surveys all in one place
  3. CX design is collaborative! So with Cubb everyone can play a role. Share your collections with anyone - and collaborate in real-time across journey maps, personas, and experiments
  4. Experiments... our secret sauce! Create and manage a library of hypothesis-driven CX experiments to turn your insights into magic, linked directly to steps in your journey maps

Happy Cubbing!