Introduction to Journey Map Steps

Steps are a moment of time within your customer journey. They are the touchpoints that a customer or stakeholder has with one of your products, or services. Collectively, steps form a journey map, that provides insight into the actions your customers are performing.

In Cubb, a step can include quotes, photos, channels, user actions, and, more. This supporting information is depicted in rows across the map, in what are called swimlanes.

Here's a quick video about understanding what steps are.

To begin, choose a journey that you would like to map and think about all the actions that the customer performs throughout this interaction. 

When you create a journey map, you will have 3 default steps to help you get started. Edit these to match the journey that you are creating. 

For example, if I was mapping the first three steps of someone purchasing food via a food delivery app, they might look like this.

To get started you can also import a list of steps. Each new row will be imported as a new step.

You can edit and add new steps directly on the map or on the side panel. Adding new steps anywhere on your map is simple. When you hover your mouse over the top of a step, there’s a “ +” icon that will appear on both sides of that step, simply click on the “+” icon for the corresponding side that you wish your new step to be on.

When editing your step on the map, double click on the steps and the right-side panel will show. You will see all the swimlanes under that step that you can edit. If you wish to edit the steps from the left side panel, just click the step and it gives you the same page earlier to make changes to it.