Customizing your Persona

An essential part of making personas with Cubb is the ability to customise them to best suit your needs. Customising your personas allows you to present them and their information in an easy to understand, and meaningful way. 

Customising you personas will also help your team to understand the character of your persona as well as what role the persona will play in the journey map.

We've made it easy for our users when it comes to persona customisation.

You can now easily add new blocks for your persona by clicking "+A" for text block and the "+image" for photo block at the bottom of your persona.

Note: The image file must not be more than 2MB.

You can also drag around the blocks in your persona anywhere you want. Just click, hold and drag the 3 dots in the middle of the

Another new feature we have as well in customising your persona is the ability to adjust the size of your block by making it smaller or bigger. Do this by hovering your mouse pointer on the block and a "+" and "-" button will appear on the right side of the block. Use the buttons to adjust your block. That applies to both text block and image.

We will continue to add customisation features to personas as our commitment to bringing you the best customer journey mapping tool.